Red Gum Forest 3D

Authors: Tom Chandler and Janet Saw, Berwick School of IT, Monash University

Forest management is a complex problem. This project, in collaboration with the School of Biologicial Sciences at Monash University, examines ways in which computer game prototyping software might assist researchers and the general public to interactively visualise forests under environmental stress.

Presently the simulation is under development and this version represents an early prototype only.

This 3D visualisation requires the Virtools 3DVIA Player.

Game Controls

Here are the keys for controlling the redgum forest simulation.

[ – Scrolling camera (active by default)
] – Walking camera

1 – Mainly healthy trees
2 – Mix of healthy and very stressed trees
3 – Mix of stressed and dead trees
4 – Mainly dying trees
Enter – Refresh the landscape (and maintaining the same probability of tree types)

Start Red Gum Forest 3D screenshot
Start demonstration