Basic 1D Cellular Automata

Authors: Alex Tee Neng Heng, David G. Green

This model is a basic 1-dimensional Cellular Automation using a random rule.

Each timestep is represented by a string of cells, with states indicated by colours. The vertical axis denotes “time”. Each row, starting at the top, gives rise to a new row (generation) of cells by applying a CA rule function that is randomly generated at the beginning of the simulation. Since the rule is created at random, clicking on the Paint button creates an entirely new pattern each time.

How to use the simulation

You need to have Java version 1.5 installed for your browser in order to run the simulation applet.

  • Number of colour: In this model, colours correspond to states. By specifying the number of colours you specify how many different states can a cell assume.
  • Choose a colour: you can either opt for random colours, or you can specify the colour to represent each state using the control panel. The selected colours are visible in the Colours preview box.
  • First generation: This specifies the first simulation step. Random will start with the first line initialised with random states. Centre will start with a single cell in the middle of the top line initialised to a random state.
  • Paint: Click this button to simulate the CA using a random update function.

Demo screenshot