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Welcome to Monash University’s Complexity Virtual Lab (VLAB).

VLAB is a web-based resource for research and education about complex systems. Its goals are to stimulate interest in complex systems and Alife and to provide demonstrations, both for key ideas and for recent research findings.

VLAB includes numerous simulations (mostly java applets), together with related tutorials, references and web links. The demonstrations include cellular automata, swarms, evolution, networks and non-linear dynamic systems. Applied examples include forest ecology, fire spread, epidemics, starfish outbreaks, spread of computer viruses and cascading power failures.

Latest news

Fractal complexity & fractal art – Now on VLab [12/01/2009]:
VLab wishes all complexity fans a Happy New Year 2009 and introduces 2 brand new fractal image renderers.
The mathematical study of fractals has lead to a number of key results in complexity science. Moreover, the endless details and the fascinating beauty of fractal art has inspired millions of people outside the academic research domain. VLab presents a renderer for fractals on the complex plain and a renderer for iterated function systems. These new applets allow to explore some of the most famous fractals in detail and to create some pretty amazing images.

VLab ventures into the 3rd dimension [24/10/2008]:
Virtual environments are a powerful technique that allows researchers to explore some of nature’s complex environments without leaving the desk. The Red Gum forest simulation and the Plantation Management model are fully featured 3D models newly available on VLab.

Two new Daisy World demos released [02/08/2008]:
Two new demo applets are available at VLab. The Basic Daisy World simulator introduces the reader into the area of Daisy World models. The Classic Daisy World simulator lets the user explore the original version of the model introduced by Watson & Lovelock and helps understanding the impact of different parameters.

VLab wins the Best Software Demonstration award [05/07/2007]:
Complex'07 logoThe VLab project was awarded the award for best software demonstration at the 8th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference at the Gold Coast (Complex’07).
Complex’07 is the key complex systems event in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for the year. This conference brings together those in the region who are actively involved in complex systems research and practice.


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